This is no joke. A truck driver, meat cutter, and a cop met in a small group for Bible study going over Sunday’s sermon. They opened their Bibles and opened their lives with each other. Letting the teaching from Romans 8:17-30 sort through their personal experiences was not easy. They all had seen the rough Read More →
I just got back from a weeklong trip to Indiana to visit my father. Dad, my sister, and I went out to dinner for his 88th birthday. I enjoyed the time I spent with them. Dad and I sat and talked together, watched TV together, and worked together on several smallish projects that needed to Read More →
Here’s three books to read on Romans. If you are serious about in depth Bible study, you might want to visit the website and search under NT books then Romans. They have technical (T), pastoral (P), and devotional (D) listed beside each reference. You can buy all three of the books discussed below online. Read More →
The Heath brothers (more at the end of this post) have a newsletter that suggest 4 keys to keeping your New Year’s resolutions. [The mini-devotional thoughts and spiritual extensions are something I added.] The Heath brothers’ four keys are stated in their words. Here they are: 1) Look for your bright spots–typically our resolve revolves Read More →
This was shown at the annual meetings last year as an illustration within the association of churches that we belong to.
The Jesse tree is a helpful reminder of how the people and events in the Old Testament pointed forward to the Messiah’s coming. Tim Keller does a great job speaking about how Jesus is the True and Better One all throughout the OT.
A Jesse Tree is a fun advent custom for teaching children (and reminding adults) of the biblical roots of the gospel. It tells the story of Jesus’ ancestry with simple homemade ornaments depicting various events in the Old Testament. The name “Jesse” tree comes from Isaiah 11:1, “Then a shoot will spring from the stem Read More →
Recently I received another one of those emails. This was from someone that I count as a friend, someone I respect. The layout was pretty cool with pictures and captions. The content was indisputably biblical with metal sculptures of scenes from the passion week of Christ. So, what’s the problem? The email tacked on the Read More →