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METAPHOR Disclaimer: I am not an automobile mechanic. A car with a standard transmission has a clutch pedal and a stick shift lever. The gear shift stick is commonly located on the floor. (One old car of ours had a set up called “three on the tree” with the stick on the steering column.) The Read More →
Recently a friend told me that their son was praying for God to reveal Himself. He issued no specific demands of thunder and lightening, or an audible voice, or a miracle cure. Just a polite request for some unmistakable evidence that God exists. The world has been drained of color by the rigors of his Read More →
The bigger the plane the longer the runway needs to be. It can take almost a mile of runway for a 747 Jumbo jet to take off or land. A STOL (short take-off and landing) plane has to make do with less than 1,500ft about one-third the distance. In order for a pastor to successfully Read More →
“A Gospel Response to Charlottesville” (guest post by Adam Myers) Sin is sin, no matter which –ism label gets slapped on it. It is wicked, evil, dishonoring to God and hurtful to those created in His image. As followers of Jesus Christ and citizens of His kingdom, we must evaluate the flagrant sins at Charlottesville Read More →
First, the easy part. It died because I didn’t write anything. Why didn’t I write anything? Because it is time consuming. Why do I find it time consuming? Simple. I can speak faster than I can write. What takes 5 minutes to say takes 45-60 minutes to write, edit, rewrite, correct, proof read, re-edit, take Read More →
At the recent Annual Enrichment Conference in Seaside, Oregon (March 7-9, 2016), four different presenters spoke on four obstacles that hold back the Conservative Baptists in the Northwest from being a movement on mission with Christ. These obstacles were in order 1) satan 2) materialism, 3) comfort, and 4) fear. NOTE: I capitalize God, not Read More →
Recently, my wife and I went on a date to a local restaurant with a Mediterranean flavor. We chose this place because the theme was all Middle Eastern from the name, to the decor, to the menu, even to the wait staff’s dress. We weren’t disappointed. Upon entering they asked us, “Is this your first Read More →
What is a Feasibility Study? A feasibility study is conducted to determine the viability of an idea. It considers 1) the financial cost of implementing an idea; 2) contra-indicators that might prohibit implementation; and, 3) the risks/rewards should the idea go forward. The recent Feasibility Study conducted by IMF and Frank Wood included all of Read More →
The New Testament has a total of 260 chapters. If you read three per day you will easily finish in under three months. Why not join with others and plan to read the entire New Testament between January 01 and April 05? Begin on New Year’s day and finish by Easter. Attached you’ll find a Read More →
Thinking about doing is something I do alot. I think about making a phone call. I really don’t use the phone that much. I think about making a personal visit. I actually do a fair number of these over coffee, but I think about doing a lot more. Do you find yourself thinking about doing Read More →