Recently I received another one of those emails. This was from someone that I count as a friend, someone I respect. The layout was pretty cool with pictures and captions. The content was indisputably biblical with metal sculptures of scenes from the passion week of Christ. So, what’s the problem? The email tacked on the end of it a Bible verse about God being ashamed of you if you don’t acknowledge him before men (see Matthew 10:32) and said in effect “if you don’t forward this email bad things will happen to you!” Really? That is fear mongering! Jesus did not have email in mind when he sent out the 12 disciples on their preaching mission to the Jewish nation. For that matter, he did not even have Gentiles in mind either. The disciples’ specific mission was to preach that “the kingdom of heaven is near.” Incredible signs (raising the dead), poverty (take no funds or provisions), persecution, betrayal, and even loss of life could not and would not cause a faithful disciple to lose their reward. Lest that stirring message strike fear into them, Jesus promised that public acknowledgement of the Messiah before men would bring them to the attention of his Father in heaven. Nothing in there at all about chain emails however cool they are. I’m not going to forward it. And I bet you’re not surprised. Are you? I thank God that the disciples were faithful in their mission even unto death and that the church was founded at Pentecost in the power of the Holy Spirit. God is at work still today. And he doesn’t depend on me, you, or anybody else, forwarding an email.

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  1. Thank You! I get so many of those types of emails. I get frustrated not knowing the proper way to deal with them. Yet, feel guilty when I don’t forward them. It’s a relief to know that I’m not harming my salvation by not forwarding them. 🙂 I especially like the ones where someone they know fowarded it and within hours recieved a large amount of money, new job met the love of their life, or all of the above. The opposite happens if you don’t send it. Maddening!

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