Thinking about doing is something I do alot. I think about making a phone call. I really don’t use the phone that much. I think about making a personal visit. I actually do a fair number of these over coffee, but I think about doing a lot more. Do you find yourself thinking about doing something only to not do it. Here’s a tip. When the thinking exceeds the doing, doing even a little counts. On Christmas Day after breakfast but before our family feast, I thought about going on a long bike ride. I never did get the long ride in due to a number of factors. But I did go for about a 30-35 minutes ride and was glad I did. I read a tip for new bicyclists that said that “consistency is key.” They said  a weekly ride of only 15 to 20 minutes is enough to keep your body acclimated to the bike. Are you kidding me? Only 15 to 20 minutes? I thought “I can do that” and I did. You need not do a lot of thinking about it, but you do need to do a little bit of doing. Thinking about a long prayer time of uninterrupted communion with Jesus over a cup of tea or coffee with an open Bible? Do a little bit of praying and reading now, when you finish reading this short blog post. Thinking about writing a long newsy letter to a missionary overseas? Write a postcard. Thinking about having a spiritual discussion with a neglected neighbor? Say hello and ask about their day next time you are putting out the trash or mowing the yard and see them. Thinking about a romantic getaway with your wife over a weekend in a tropical paradise? Plan a week ahead and go out for a meal at a local restaurant without the kiddos. Whoever said “the thought counts” has given false solace to those who think about doing. In such cases, the thought counts for nought. The doing counts. James 1:22 says, “Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

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