REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!!   Clear your calendar for June 24th – 28th because the best after-school party in the entire history of mankind is about to occur! That’s right, I’m talking about COVE. 5 days, 4 nights at the Cove Palisades State Park in eastern Oregon. We’ll spend our time boating, tubing, wake-boarding, or if anyone wants to travel in time to the 1980’s you can even try water-skiing. For those of you who melt upon touching water we have fun stuff for you too: 9-square in the air, volleyball, spikeball, sunburns, etc… We spend our evenings around a campfire with times of worship, funny skits and amazing teaching from God’s Word! If you have any questions, contact Pam Shetler at   THEME & SPEAKER This year we will be exploring our identity in Christ. Our speaker, Todd Killmeyer, will help us discover the amazing truths found in the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus.             Todd has been in ministry since 2004 both as a volunteer and as a Pastor. He graduated with two degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and has been a Student Pastor at FBC Medford since 2017. Todd has taught students and young adults in Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, and now in Oregon! Todd loves sports including rooting for his favorite teams the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Eagles. He also enjoys movies, Netflix, drumming on the worship team, and his beautiful wife Jordan. Out of the next four statements only one is not true about Todd: He was a cheerleader for Miami University, he won an all you can eat hotdog eating competition, he successfully took off and landed a plane all by himself, and he bowled a perfect game, 300. To find out which one isn’t true come to Cove!     You might ask, “How do I know if I can attend COVE?”
  • Anyone finishing 8th grade this year up through anyone graduating from High School this year can come.
  You might say, “This event must be expensive!”
  • Nope. The cost is only $140 ($160 if registering after May 19th)
  • There is also a $20 discount if this is your first time coming!
  • $50 deposit due with registration
  • Checks payable to: First Baptist Church
  Camping conditions: 
  • We stay in all three group tent sites of the Cove Palisades State Park.
  • It is up to students to provide their own tent or plan with other students for staying in their tents. NOTE: We don’t control the weather, so it is wise to be prepared for rain.
  • Bathrooms are on site.
  • We shuttle students to showers each day.